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Clean Up Continues in East Bay Neighborhoods Affected by Landslides

Many East Bay neighborhoods were cleaning up Tuesday from multiple landslides in the area that in some cases, pushed people out of their homes. 

Public works crews were at St. Andrews Street in the Oakland Hills cleaning up a muddy mess, spending hours removing debris and sludge. 

All while neighbors brace for the potential for more damage after three landslides since Saturday.  

“Hold on baby, we aren’t clear yet. We are dealing with water, one of the major forces of nature and water goes where it wants to,” said John Johnson of Oakland.

He lives across the hill that turned into a river of mud. Neighbors were still cleaning up from one landslide when the hill gave way again Monday, taking a tree along with it. 

“I’m anticipating tomorrow’s work and I’m anticipating the next rain that comes,” said Johnson. “Right now, we just have a water main issue that is the source of the water, I’m apprehensive to what else comes down that hill.”

In the Berkley Hills, more than a dozen homes are red tagged after a landslide on Middlefield Road poured feet of mud into a home, forcing the owners out of their house.  

Back in Oakland, some neighbors along Alvarado Road are refusing to come back home until the hillside there is more secure. 

“I haven’t been sleeping here and I do think it would be hard to fall asleep with this huge hill hanging over our house,” said Sari Cooper.

Crews are still working to clear the mess from Monday’s mudslide where Cooper lives that left a car stranded. 

While the road is reopened, crews say a clogged drain and water continues to be a problem.  

Consistent clean up leaving neighbors wondering what’s next. 

“I’m concerned that this mudslide is not finished, that more will come down,” said Cooper.

Oakland Public Works crews will be back Wednesday and reopen St. Andrews road then.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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