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California Ends Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination, Test Mandate for Indoor Mega Events

California is no longer requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to attend indoor mega events and sporting events. This includes Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks home games.

Many Sharks fans told NBC Bay Area that before the changes, it would take them 20 extra minutes to get inside SAP Center because they had to show proof of vaccination, but on Saturday without that requirement it was smooth sailing.

14,000 people crowded into SAP Center to watch the Sharks take on the Dallas Stars Saturday but the buzz was about fans no longer have to show proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test.

“I’m excited we’re taking the next step and we don’t have to show our proof of vaccine everywhere we go,” said William Molander of Livermore.

Ceasar Pires had to show his proof of vaccine at the last Sharks game he attended. He said it’s something he will not miss.

“It was a hassle. The lines were longer and often kids were turned away before they had a positive test and so hopefully, this is a better situation,” he said.

The state’s new guidelines went into effect Friday and impact mega events, that’s indoor events with a thousand or more people.

That also includes Chase Center in San Francisco, where fans also didn’t need to show proof of vaccination for the first time.

State health leaders said they made the changes after new covid case rates and hospitalizations dropped significantly.

Notice something else different? The state said masks are no longer required indoors.

Grant saunders/santa rosa “We’re pretty excited we’re done with the whole vaccination proof thing and the masks, we’re over that. It will be nice to focus on smiles and cheering,” said Grant Saunders of Santa Rosa.

Hockey fans embracing new freedoms.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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