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Cal State East Bay offers cannabis certificate programs

Cal State East Bay has launched a new program to ensure licensed cannabis sellers have all the tools they need to abide by growing, taxation and insurance rules that keep their business legitimate.

California cannabis growers account for about 20% of all the legal marijuana in all the country. The problem is California isn’t producing as much as it used to.

Last year, California’s legal sellers had almost $5.3 billion in sales, a more than 8% drop over the year before. The state has about 1,000 legal dispensaries.

CSU East Bay is partnering with training platform Green Flower to launch four certificate programs: Healthcare and Medicine; Business; Compliance and Risk management; and Agriculture and Horticulture.

Both the university and Green Flower say the partnership comes in part as a response to the heavy regulation cannabis businesses face for operating in the state as the industry continues to grow.

The first classes launch in November, so there is still time to enroll. Each program lasts 24 weeks, and the cost for each is about $3,000.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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