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Businesses continue cleaning up after flooding, sinkhole near SF's Cow Hollow neighborhood

Cleanups continue in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood following a massive water main break, flooding, and a sinkhole nearly a week ago.

Businesses hit by flood water are back open now that their floors have had a chance to dry out.

Wilder restaurant and bar on Fillmore and Greenwich Streets is bustling again.

They were hit hard early Monday morning when a 70-year-old water main ruptured nearby.

“So I think a lot of the sewers and gutters here were completely full, and it just kept running and it acted as a pond here in our restaurant,” explained Shane Caudill, operating manager for Wilder.

Caudill explained that the water seemed to flow downhill from the sinkhole on Fillmore and towards the restaurant.

The flooding left mud and water covering their hardwood floors and surrounding the restaurant. Wilder had to close for repairs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

All of Wilder’s hardwood floors had to be ripped out and the concrete beneath it was sanitized and painted over.  

Caudill explained that teams from the city actually jumped in to help them clean up the restaurant.

“Thankfully the city was able to help us out tremendously and we were able to open up the doors yesterday and it’s been nice to be back to somewhat normal,” he explained.

Wilder reopened Friday and offered a special happy hour in light of this unusual turn of events.

“I didn’t realize it was that kind of impact by the sinkhole over there,” said Luigi Imperto who lives nearby in the Marina.

The city has said its construction team estimates it could take six weeks to repair the impacted area.

Imperto was skeptical of that timeline.

“Six weeks seems fast,” he said.

The city has said the water main break is repaired and the sinkhole is stabilized, but pipelines underground still need to be replaced.

As for Wilder, the restaurant has to wait a few more weeks for their flooring to be delivered. When that happens, they expect to host another special happy hour to celebrate.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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