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Burglars sneak into Glendora jewelry store through roof and steal $800K in items from safe

Thieves entered a Glendora jewelry store through the building’s roof and stole nearly $1 million in merchandise that the owner had removed from the showroom and placed in a safe.

Owner Monir Kassis said he moved the items from public display cases at Desire Jewelry before leaving town last week to what he assumed would be the safest location — a large safe in a back room of his business. When he returned to the store on Glendora Avenue, he found the back room in disarray and a square-shaped hole in the thick safe door.

“When I open the door, I’m just like, “Nightmare,’” Kassis said. “I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing.”

Burglars entered the store through the building’s roof. They were likely in the store for about six hours late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, Kassis said.

The store has security cameras, but the burglars disabled the one in the back room. There are cameras in the showroom display area, but the thieves never entered that part of the building.

A showroom camera captured a brief glimpse of one thief in the safe room and someone at the front window. A camera also captured audio of what sounded like power tools used to enter the safe.

Kassis, who runs the custom jewelry business with his wife, said they loaded all of their jewelry from their showroom along with their personal valuables, including his wife’s jewelry, into the office safes. He estimated the total value of items lost at about $800,000.

“I can’t believe it. You work all your life and some robbers don’t want to work and just destroy your life,” Kassis said.

Kassis said he suspects the thieves had some knowledge of his business operations

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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