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Box Truck Tumbles Off Side of 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita

The wet weather appeared to be a factor in three crashes on rain-slick highways in an area of Santa Clarita, including one in which a box truck went over a guardrail and onto the wreckage of an earlier accident, authorities said Friday.

A box truck was seen bursting through the guardrail Friday morning on a Southern California freeway and landing on the wreckage of a collision down below. 

Tommy Dorado says he took out his new cellphone while driving on the southbound 14 Freeway to record a collision that brought traffic to a standstill.

When out of the corner of his eye he sees a box truck tumbling over the bridge. 

Right away Dorado knew there was nothing routine about today’s daily commute.

“Box truck comes down. Tumbling on top of the passenger car and the semi truck overturned in the initial first accident. I was just in shock and disbelief that I was witnessing something like that,” Dorado said. 

He says he was relieved to see drivers and first responders from the initial collision safely off to the side.

“Fire department was already there. CHP was already there. Tow truck driver was already there helping out,” Dorado said. 

Despite those grim images The California Highway Patrol confirms no one was badly hurt in those early morning crashes.

Not in the big rig, the passenger car or the box truck that fell from above. CHP thinks that the driver was speeding and lost control in the rain.

 Hours later, select freeway lanes remain closed and repairs are pending.

Dorado says he’s grateful his relatives who drive for a living were not involved.

Someday he’ll show them the video.

“My father he’s a trucker. My two older brothers are truckers too. And they ride through that truck lane everyday,” Dorado said. 

The CHP confirmed that weather appeared to be a factor in the accidents.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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