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‘Bolder' Criminals Starting to Target Suburban Neighborhoods?

A man robbed of his watch outside his Redwood City home has police trying to figure out if it is part of a new trend.

This weekend’s incident is alarming to law enforcement because armed robberies generally occur in larger cities.

“To come right here – it’s very alarming,” victim Al Shawa said. “Very disturbing and it’s not right.”

Shawa in an interview with NBC Bay Area said he thinks the robbers followed him.

Home surveillance video shows Shawa driving up to his home in a white Mercedes. Not far behind was what appears to be a dark-colored BMW. Moments after Shawa pulled up next to his house, the BMW is seen pulling up next to him and two people get out.

The robbers appeared to have an assault rifle and demanded Shawa give up his watch.

“I panicked, hoping nobody got hurt and gave him my watch,” Shawa said.

It was a rolex, but the robbers wanted more.

“The other kid said ‘Get the wallet, get the wallet,’” Shawa said.

But Shawa said the robbers did not realize his Swiss Shephard was also in the car.

“By then the dog started acting up and they just jumped in the car and left,” Shawa said. “Luckily he saved me.”

The Redwood City Police Department in a statement confirmed the suspects used an assault rifle during the robbery.

What worries some in law enforcement is armed robberies generally occur in larger cities — not suburban communities like quiet Redwood Shores. Shawa’s home is roughly four miles from the freeway.

The attack also is not far from another high-profile robbery back in April.

In that case, students returning from prom at Woodside High School were robbed at gunpoint outside their home.

Police also said criminals have become bolder because there is a growing belief that even if they are caught, they could be back out of jail in a matter of hours.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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