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Board of supervisors to decide when DA Price's recall election will happen

A special Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting is underway Tuesday to determine when to hold a special recall election for DA Pamela Price.

About 70 people showed up for public comment.

Opponents of the DA have gathered enough signatures to force a recall vote. Now, the board of supervisors must decide when that election should happen.

They can call for a standalone special election or put the issue on the existing November election ballot.

Price’s opponents are pushing for a special election in August or September, arguing that any delay puts public safety at risk.  

“We have families that are still yet suffering and we want all of that to come to an end,” Brenda Grisham, SAFE recall organizer, said. “We have businesses that are still yet suffering, we want that to come to an end and the only way to have that come to an end is to recall Pamela Price, which will happen.”

But critics of the recall argue the recall is illegal and undemocratic. They accuse the registrar of not following the county charter.   

Price supporters say if a vote is going to happen at all, it should wait until November to avoid any extra cost to taxpayers.

“This money will be taken from services and potentially increase our deficit. Further, a special election in general have a much lower voter turnout,” Price supporter Yoana Tchoukleva said. “Usually, people that show up for special elections are the people who want to recall.”

If the board votes to approve a special election, the registrar of voters is recommending the election be held in September.   

However, the registrar is also recommending supervisors to wait until the general election in November due to timing, cost, and staffing concerns. 

The county has an estimated $68 million budget deficit and standalone special election is estimated to cost $15-20 million.

Price claims the state is investigating recall organizers after accusations that they illegally secured signatures, and had questionable finances. 

Recall organizers have denied those claims. 

If a recall is successful, a new district attorney would be appointed by the board of supervisors, but does not give a specific time frame.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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