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Beverly Hills middle school students use AI to create nude images of classmates

An investigation was underway at Beverly Vista Middle School in Beverly Hills Monday after some students used Artificial Intelligence to create nude images of classmates. 

“It is very scary people can’t feel safe to come to school,” one student who did not want to be identified said. “They are scared people will show off explicit photos of them.” 

After school administrators were alerted last week about the nude photos that were passed around among a group of students, the Beverly Hills Unified School District launched an investigation with the Beverly Hills Police Department. 

The images included the faces of some students and were superimposed onto AI-generated nude bodies, according to the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

“We will be looking at the appropriate discipline so that students understand there are consequences and accountability for their actions,” said Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent of the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

District officials said they were “appalled” by the misuse of AI in a statement.

“This emerging technology is becoming more and more accessible to individuals of all ages,” the district said.  “Parents, please partner with us and speak with your children about this dangerous behavior. Students, please talk to your friends about how disturbing and inappropriate this manipulation of images is.”

While lawmakers at the state and federal levels were said to be seeking ways to determine how to address cases involving artificial intelligence, Bregy said school districts need more support from legislators.

“School Districts aren’t known for having to advocate with congressman to get the laws to change,” said Bregy. “The safety of laws is clearly being outpaced by the technology we have.”

Some parents also said they hope Beverly Vista Middle School will take swift action.

“It needs to be some kind of huge consequence for that,” said one parent. 

It is unclear how many students were targeted and how many were involved in the creation of images.

Those students who were targeted by the fake AI images were being provided with counseling, according to the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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