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Bay Area residents who live in areas likely to flood prep for incoming storm

The calm before the storm was felt in downtown Napa Tuesday night, with business as usual along the Napa River.

But residents in the North Bay are bracing for the incoming storm and all the rain and wind it will bring. 

“We were just playing some soccer now that the weather is good, before the rain because it’s going to completely flooded,” said Edwin Rubio of Napa. 

He was referring to the Oxbow Commons Park. 

The city of Napa can deploy floodgates if the nearby Napa River begins to overflow.

People know they can get flood waters from creeks and streams.

“Pretty much around the Napa River, we have to be careful and stay away from it,” said Rubio.

Ken Berrick of Oakland showed the damage left behind the hillside of his home during last year’s winter storms with the landslide taking out what used to be a fire trail.

Slides have been an ongoing issue for several years, initially due to a water main break, but now, from years of storm activity.

“It started way back there, probably 30 feet in that direction so every year every year we lost a little bit more, and little bit more,” said Berrick.

With the storm increasing the chances of landslide activity near his Oakland Hills home, Berrick is hoping for the best but knows more damage to the hillside is likely over the next few days.

“This is a beautiful area and it could be hiking trails, it definitely should and can be fire access, and it seems to me we probably want to maintain it,” said Berrick.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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