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Bay Area Private Security Company Says They Can't Keep Up With Demand

People are sick and tired of crime and frustration is at an all-time high. 

Neighborhoods are banding together to hire private security but a company says that the demand is so high, they can’t even keep up. 

Four break-ins in five years prompted Melissa Koengsberg to get protection from a private security company.

“One of the break-ins they used a blowtorch to cut the glass on our garage and manually opened it,” she said.

It was all caught on conventional cameras. Police came out to take a report but she said that never led to anything.

So Koengsberg hired Deep Sentinal, a unique security company out of Pleasanton, that uses cameras and 24 hour monitoring to keep the crooks away.

“We have five of the cameras, we have a camera in our backyard, and a light well on top of the garage,” said Koengsberg.

Any movement triggers a guard to respond to an intruder in real time.

The company is designed to stop crime before it happens.

“We provide a virtual security guard for a fraction of the cost,” said Tomaz Borys, Deep Sentina’s vice president. 

He added that the uptick in crime has made it difficult to keep up with the demand.

“We had to strip out the ability for customers to purchase our system online,” he said.

He believes the demand will become even greater as people become more desperate to feel safe.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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