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Bay Area Organizations Prep for Possible Influx of Immigrants as Title 42 Expires

For three years now, Title 42 allowed the U.S. to expel immigrants without providing an asylum hearing and its ending has stirred confusion about an open border policy.

But according to Blaine Bookey, with the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, a new rule from the Biden administration, in addition to Title 8, will do quite the opposite.

“The changes that we’ll see will actually make it harder to seek protection because they have limits on who has access to asylum,” she said.

Under the new rule, non-Mexicans will no longer be eligible for asylum if they pass other nations without seeking asylum there first. 

The exception is their ability to make an appointment through the CBP One app, but spots are limited.

“And then if you receive an actual deportation order at the end of the summary procedures at the border, then you have a bar on re-entry for five years and also could be subject to criminal prosecution,” said Bookey.

That’s why she’s headed to the border, first thing Thursday morning, to help families get that appointment and fight the misinformation spread by smugglers.

“Do not risk your life and life savings only to be removed from the United States if, if and when you arrive here,” said Alejandro Mayorkas of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, who is also warning migrants.

It’s already noting a major increase in border crossings—11,000 just on Tuesday.

An influx immigrant rights organizations across the Bay Area are preparing for.

“San Jose has already seen a large number of Colombians specific that have been crossing for a number of months, and we’re just anticipating that number is going to grow and also diversify,” said Bridget Balajadia of Catholic Charities. They say they’re ramping up their legal and food services and calling people of faith to action.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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