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Bay Area gets funding boost for humanoid robots

The Bay Area just got a funding boost for humanoid robots as some companies have humanoid robots, using artificial intelligence to learn how to do tasks like lifting, moving, mowing your lawn.

Now, investors are taking notice.

Figure AI, based in Sunnyvale, just notched venture investment to the tune of $675 million, valuing the company, which makes humanoid robots at $2.6 billion.

“The whole goal here is to have billions of these in the market and actually be in the home,” said Gregg Hill.

Hill is a venture capitalist investing in figure. He said the point of these bots is not to intimidate people but to help make people’s lives easier.

“We’re all very busy imagine a robot doing your dishes, washing your clothes, looking after your kids, safety, a robot watching your house. It’s kinda of endless possibilities, it’s AI in the physical world,” he said.

Also in the physical world, is an electric sheep. Sheep Robotics, which is based in San Jose said that this is also a helpful bot.

Using AI to get smarter about mowing your lawn. it’s also venture-backed and also has big plans for expansion.

“We see billions of these cute, wall-e animal-like caretaker robots out there to help us and take care of the planet in a sustainable manner,” said Nag Murty, CEO of Sheep Robotics.

Scott Budman has more in the video above.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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