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Bay Area Company Offers Plant-Based Solution to Egg Shortage

From grocery stores, to restaurants, it’s getting really hard to find eggs. 

Supply is way down due to the bird flu and prices are way up at about $7 per dozen.

So, a San Francisco company is coming up with a plant-based solution.

“In the last two weeks, we’ve seen velocity grow anywhere from 10 to 30%,” said Matt Riley, chief revenue officer of Just Egg.

The egg shortage has led to a spike in sales for the plant-based product, poaching customers willing to give it a try.

“All natural ingredients, non-GMP, better for the planet, we use less land, water, and carbon, and it’s nutritionally better, no cholesterol, minimal saturated fat, more protein,” said Riley.

With no way of knowing when these shelves will be fully stocked again, this may be the key to keeping that omelette on the menu. 

The bird flu is not considered a health risk to humans at this time, but it’s running rampant among poultry flocks.  

The FDA said it’s trying to find a vaccine. Meanwhile, there are alternatives. 

Source: NBC Bay Area

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