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Band that performed before Cook's Corner tragedy holds benefit concert

The M Street Band, which was performing at the Cook’s Corner bar before a gunman opened fire, killing three people last month, braved the stage again on Sunday as they hosted a benefit concert for the victims of the mass shooting.

The Biergarten at Old World was all abuzz in Huntington Beach with the crowd in attendance to show support for the victims of the Aug. 23 shooting. Sunday’s show marked the M Street Band’s first concert since that tragic night.

“Physically, it missed everything important, thankfully, so we’re here to play. Mentally, it is going to take a while,” Ed Means, guitarist and harmonica player of the band, said. “We figured we can give back, though, to some of the victims that were not so lucky as us, and fortunate. So, we decided to take a gig that we had already booked here and convert it into a benefit.”

Means and fellow bandmember Dave Stretch, who plays the bass and guitar, were both struck by the gunman and have since recovered. The musical group was on stage at Cook’s Corner when the gunman, a former member of the Ventura Police Department, entered the bar and began his violent rampage. He was shot and killed by responding law enforcement.

“As a band, we refuse to let someone evil like this take away a joy of our fans, of people, the band itself,” Means said. “We figure the sooner we can get back up and do it, the better off it will be for everybody — and not let darkness conquer all the positive we have in our lives.”

Those who weren’t able to attend Sunday’s benefit concert can visit Cook’s Corner’s website for links on where to donate to families of the shooting victims.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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