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Arrested Ontario teen had ‘every intention' to carry out school shooting, police say

An Ontario teenager with an “obsession” for the Columbine High School shooting was charged with attempted murder and terrorist threat Wednesday after he allegedly formed a detailed plan to carry out a shooting at his school.

Authorities were initially contacted by an Ontario Christian High School official, who was alerted by another student who expressed concerns about 18-year-old Sebastian Villasenor, who was “showing signs of being fixated on school shootings and [having] access to weapons.”

“He researched tactical supplies and was in the process of choosing a specific date to carry out the school shooting, Chief Mike Lorenz of the Ontario Police Department said. “Ultimately when we arrested Villasenor at his residence, we collected numerous weapons.”

In addition to having “over a thousand rounds” of ammunition along with 11 weapons, including seven rifles and one shotgun, Lorenz said the teen carefully mapped out his violent plot.

”He was so obsessed with our response times that he Google-mapped how far it would be from the Ontario Police Department for our response time to the school,” Lorenz said.

Investigators and school administrators credited Villasenor’s high school classmate for stopping what would have been another devasting campus shooting.

“The student who came forward, who saw something and said something, is a hero,” Lorenz said. “That student saved lives, spared families from losing their children, and a community from being devastated from a senseless act of violence.”

Lorenz added while Villasenor was not bullied or harassed at school, he had trouble forming friendships with classmates at Ontario Christian High School.

There was no manifesto, but the teen had “contemplated” hurting six particular students at the school, the police chief said.

Villasenor is facing one count of attempted terrorist threat and five counts of attempted murder.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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