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Antisemitic graffiti spotted in Santa Monica

Police in Santa Monica are investigating after antisemitic graffiti was found on several walls, sidewalks and light fixtures in the neighborhood.

The disturbing vandalism was spotted along several spots of the neighborhood, according to Santa Monica Police Department Chief Ramon Batista. He added that the city’s graffiti removal team is working swiftly to cover up the offensive markings while investigators search for the culprit.

“We are committed to protecting the safety and dignity of all residents,” Chief Ramon Batista said in a statement. “These cowardly acts are appalling.”

Police said officers first got reports of the vandalism on Friday.

A man who works on the street said the markings were first brought to his attention about two months ago. He said he doesn’t know if they were all tagged at once or if the vandal has been repeatedly made the markings.

Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to contact law enforcement at 310-458-8491 or to use the Santa Monica 3-1-1 app.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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