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Antioch Teen Stabbed at Halloween Party, Family Demands Answers

What started as an Antioch Halloween party turned into a real-life horror scene over the weekend. 

A fight broke out outside the house party Saturday night and someone pulled a knife and slashed several teenage girls.

One of them may never see out of one of her eyes, ever again and her family is asking for people to come forward with information. 

The mother of Daisia Cheatum, said a brawl broke out between some women outside the Antioch house party when she says a man with a knife jumped in and started slashing.

“He stabbed my daughter from her eyelid, into her eye, down her cheek, completely severing her cheek to her lip to her bottom lip to her chin hitting all her arteries, her muscles, nerves, everything in there,” said the victim’s mother Kelly Shaw.

Cheatum was rushed to the hospital where she underwent two emergency surgeries. Two of her teenage friends were also stabbed but not as severely.

Cheatum’s doctor says her eyesight may be permanently damaged.

“He said this is a devastating injury. She has blood in the back of her eye. He thinks the retina is detached because of the blade,” said Shaw. “That’s why today we’re at a retina specialist to see if she’ll ever be able to see out of the eye again … we don’t know.”

Cheatum’s mother is beside herself and can’t understand why things had to turn so violent.

“We want justice,” said Shaw. “We want the person that stopped her behind bars because that’s where he belongs. I hope somebody steps up that was at the party, I hope somebody who is at the party sees us and if you have any information please contact Antioch Police Department please.”

Antioch police said they are actively working on leads. Cheatum’s mom said she could have lost her daughter — the young woman will likely be scarred for life.

“Thank God she’s alive because it hit her arteries,” said Shaw. “She lost a lot of blood, she lost a lot of blood.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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