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Antioch City Leaders Pass Ordinance to Limit Rent Increases

City leaders in Antioch late Tuesday passed a new rent stabilization ordinance that places a cap on rent hikes, but they have yet to decide on precisely what that cap will be.

The Antioch City Council voted for the rent cap after tenants advocates called for a 3% annual cap or limiting increases to 60% of the consumer price index. But council members did not vote on specific numbers.

A recent city staff report labeled the high cost of living a public health threat and said the crisis risks displacement and overcrowding in Contra Costa County’s third largest city.

High rents aren’t just an issue in Antioch; they’ve been skyrocketing in all parts of the Bay Area and across the state. Residents in the city of Richmond this fall will be voting on Measure P, which if passed would limit rent increases to 3% or 60% of the consumer price index, whichever is less.

On Wednesday, a Richmond Councilmember along with housing advocates and tenants will hold a launch event to draw attention to the measure.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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