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Altadena tattoo parlor offers their customers a calmer experience

A tattoo parlor in Altadena is offering their customers a calmer experience than what they might usually expect.

Upon entering the establishment you may be greeted by the soothing sounds of music, bright lights and shelves filled with sculptures, feathers and vases.

“We’re a very safe, inclusive space for women, non-binary people and queer customers,” Isabel Livingstone, owner of June Bug Tattoo, said. 

And cheerfully greeting you at the door is Louie, the service dog. He is a Maltese Terrier mix who doesn’t make a sound, but loves a pat on the head.

“Good for people with sensory issues – someplace that’s friendly,” Livingstone said. 

June Bug is located in a strip mall off Fair Oaks Avenue.

Livingstone said she saw a need because she loves tattoo art, but didn’t like what is all too common at places where you can get it done.

“A lot of shops – you’ll see, like, black walls. There’ll be a lot of people hanging out, there’ll be a lot of heavy music,” Livingstone said.

Not to mention the often fear-inducing drone of machines that can be louder than a dental drill. But even at June Bug, even the machines are quiet.

Livingstone and the five female artists who work here have created a much quieter place for customers like Annemarie Pazmino.

“It’s really bright; it’s really fresh and clean in here,” Pazmino said. 

Livingstone said the last thing you need in a tattoo parlor is overstimulation. And she’s changing that one design at a time.

“The pain is enough. That’s kinda how we feel. like, you’re going through it already,” Livingstone said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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