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Alameda County District Attorney Race Between Price and Wiley Remains Tight

It’s still to early to tell who will be Alameda County’s next district attorney, replacing retiring DA Nancy O’Malley.

As of Thursday evening, Chief Deputy District Attorney Terry Wiley and Civil Rights Attorney Pamela Price are neck and neck. Whoever takes office will be the county’s first ever black DA.

It’s representation that Wiley believes has been lacking throughout California.

“Let’s face it the criminal justice system has had a disproportional impact on the black community. So now having an African American voice setting policy and contributing to the conversation is extremely important,” he said.

Whoever wins will face immediate challenges with increased gun violence in Oakland and critical issues at the Santa Rita Jail.

Wiley took an early lead in the polls and believes his 32 years of experience, focus on new crime data strategies and crack down on repeat offenders will get him to the finish line.

While Price argues changes to what she called a “broken system” can only come from outside.

“We do want change to our criminal justice system, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of safety 6:05 and we can have a safe community and it doesn’t have to be at the expense of having a more just system.” Wiley said.

Price has promised to take aggressive steps to end mass incarceration, including not charging youth as adults.

With thousands of ballots still to count, Price issued a statement Thursday, said in part: “ I am confident the final tally will be an exclamation point in history it will be the chance to fix this broken criminal justice system and rebuild a real trust that will lead us to public safety.”

A race to reform the justice system, both candidates believe they can win.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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