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‘Absolutely Terrible': Attack on Elderly Man Shakes Oakland Community

The latest known attack on an Asian-American man was reported Tuesday in Oakland and has many people wondering when it will stop. 

Three daughters visited their father at the hospital for what may be the last time after the 75-year-old man was attacked during his morning walk. That according to Carl Chan of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, who said he’s been in touch with the family. 

“I don’t think he is responding at this time. It doesn’t look too good, according to the daughter,” said Chan.

Chan says the retired senior is originally from Hong Kong, living out his golden years in the city’s Adam’s Point neighborhood.

Oakland Police say someone robbed and attacked him, leaving him bleeding on the pavement near the corner of Perkins Street and Jayne Avenue. A person who witnessed the aftermath of the attack said the man’s eyes were open but he was in rough shape, as EMT’S carried him into an ambulance. 

“I’ll be 75,” said Travis Alan Lafferty of Oakland. “It struck a chord, it resonated with me.”

A woman who didn’t want to go on camera says she lives in the same building as the victim. 

“He’s a very nice man,” she said.

The two would bump into each other every morning before their daily walks. She says, her neighbor took the pandemic seriously and had not seen his children in a long time, fearing they would spread the virus. 

“To have to come and see your parent like this when you likely haven’t seen them for a while or hug them, it’s awful, it’s absolutely terrible,” she said.

Oakland Police said they’ve arrested Teaunte Bailey as the person they believe is responsible for the attack but they have yet to say what kind of charges they’ll face. 

“Something must be done to protect our seniors,” said Chan.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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