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2 East Bay students' science project tests books against bullets

Two East Bay middle school students are hoping to make an impact this weekend with their out-of-the box science project.

The girls conducted experiments aimed at showing how school textbooks could protect against bullets.

St. Patrick School student Tyler Militar-Cross described the fear many students and their families can’t help but struggle with these days, the fear of a school shooting.

“It’s really devastating to us and all parents can do is pray that it won’t happen to their children. Even though it can happen any moment,” she said.

Militar-Cross and Sofia Seiden want to set out to prove that their school books could double as body shield with their school science project called “high impact” put their textbooks to the test.

“Right now, the school protocol is to hide in the corner and turn off the lights with no defensive protection at all. But we think that textbooks, it’s a very common resource and it could be used as body armors,” Seiden said.

With the help of a trained fire arms instructor, the girls tested how many textbooks it would take to stop a 9mm bullet.

“I was on site at our private shooting range when it took place and I took note of how deep the bullets penetrated through each book and we found that it only took two hardcover textbooks,” Militar-Cross said.

The girls found that just two one and a half inch books are enough to keep a bullet from penetrating through.

The girls’ are presenting their project at the Contra Costa Science Fair this weekend. Their teacher thinks they have real shot at getting high marks.

“It’s an issue that youth should not have to worry about. Unfortunately, it is prevalent in the news and so, it makes me proud of them that they’re hearing what’s going on and they came up with a possible solution,” said middle school science teacher Maurice Atendido.

Win or lose, the girls hope their project makes an impact and helps save lives.

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