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15-Strong Group of Masked Thieves Use Car to Smash Into Corona Store

Surveillance video shows the moments a group of around 15 masked thieves smashed a car into an electronics store and raided the place.

Melissa Delgado, a manager at Mac Star Cameras & Electronics in Corona, said it’s the seventh time the store has been burglarized in the two years it’s been open. She said that it seems police aren’t doing anything about it.

Delgado said the latest break-in happened last month.

“The security guard, he left at 5:30, so they knew 20 minutes later they were able to go ahead and just use the car to break in,” Delgado said.

She said the burglars were in and out in under three minutes. In the video, they’re seen looking for cash in the register, hoping to find anything of value in the drawers and taking plenty of boxes off the shelves.

“Some of them took empty boxes, so they’re going to be surprised. I’m sure they were surprised there was nothing in them, but a lot of them, they were just taking anything that they could at that point,” Delgado said.

In the end, the burglary caused $65,000 in damages.

“Of course, we have insurance. We’re working with insurance, but it doesn’t happen right away where we can get money to make the repairs. We have to submit everything through them,” Delgado said.

Bigger than the damages is the damage to their peace of mind.

Delgado said none of the people who have stolen from the business have ever been caught, and they’re literally losing sleep worried about the next break-in. The business has reported each crime, but they don’t receive any follow-ups from Corona police, she said.

“We’re just getting really tired. I mean, it’s hard to sleep at night because you know that something could happen,” Delgado said.

NBC4 reached out to the police department for a response but did not immediately receive one.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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