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15 arrested after protesters delay Cal-USC football game

Fifteen people, mostly California students, were arrested and taken away in handcuffs after storming the field and staging a sit-in that delayed the start of Saturday’s game between Cal and USC at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

According to a statement released by the Cal police department, the people were protesting the suspension of a professor. The protesters, many wearing T-shirts that read “Justice for Ivonne,” sat back-to-back in the middle of the Cal logo.

Ivonne del Valle, a Spanish and Portuguese professor, was recently suspended by the university for allegedly stalking and harassing a professor from another school.

Police and security guards approached the group as players from both teams stood and watched. The fans were eventually placed in handcuffs and escorted away. According to the police statement, 13 of the 15 protesters were Cal students.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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