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12-Year-Old to Graduate From Fullerton College With Five Degrees

Most people are adults by the time they get their college degree. But Clovis Hung is only 12 years old and about to graduate with five degrees from Fullerton College. 

“I’m going to graduate with 5 degrees,” Hung said. “Associates degree in History, Associates degrees in Science, Associate degrees in Social Science, Science and Mathematics, arts and human expressions, social behavior and self-development.”

In 2019, Hung left his second grade classroom, bored and ready for a bigger challenge.

“I wanted to be in college because I was really curious at a really young age,” Hung said.

That curiosity led him to enroll in Fullerton College in 2020.

“They ask me questions like ‘How old are you and what are you doing here?’ So I just answer them, I’m 12 and I’m taking classes with you,” Hung said. 

And he’s done it all with his mom, Song Choi, by his side.

“He loves studying, actually studying is his hobby,” Choi said. 

Her incredible son has been fighting against the odds since the very beginning.

“When he was born, he was very incredible because he was a premature baby. And he was born at 27 weeks early. Less than 2 pounds,” Choi said.

Choi, now beaming with pride, said she hasn’t forgotten Clovis is still just a kid.

“I’m not a Tiger Mom, actually it’s the opposite,” Hung said. “Sometimes I just need to remind him to relax, take it easy.”

Outside of the classroom, he’s a Boy Scout. He loves basketball, archery and traveling, visiting 23 countries so far with his family.

“I study a lot so that I can get a lot of things done before I play,” Hung said. 

Hung says the number one thing it takes to succeed is a healthy dose of self-motivation.

“What I do is that I tell myself that I can do it, you can keep going. You did a very good job,” Hung said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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