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What a stinker! Mountains of trash surround Fairfax home

A house surrounded with mountains of trash has residents in the Los Angeles Fairfax neighborhood concerned.

The front lawn of the property, located on Martel Avenue, is covered with plastic bags filled with trash and other disposable items, reaching well above ground level. The garbage piles are also stacked up on the side yards and back patio.

Marlon Azurda, who has been cleaning pools in the area for 18 years, says the situation is worsening.  

“I saw how it was [accumulating] little at a time, but now it’s extremely filled with trash.”

According to LA city public records, the owners of the property were fined in 2016 for violating municipal codes with the accumulation of trash.

One of the neighbors says it’s unfair to many residents in the area to pay millions of dollars to own a property and put up with the the filthy conditions.

“The homes here are worth a lot of money [for these people] to convert it into a dumping ground, said Quincy Anderson who lives in Fairfax.

Neighbors suspect this could be a case of hoarders, resulting in potential fire hazards and infestations of rodents and insects along with an unpleasant, strong odor.

“The city would have to do something,” Anderson said. “Come and find out why it looks like this because we don’t have a clue.”

The Department of Building and Safety says it has fined the owners in the past, but has not provided further information for now.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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