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South Bay Summer Camp Canceled Over Buddhist Swastika on Building

A Los Altos summer camp is canceling all sessions over a controversy involving a swastika.

Several employees of Hidden Villa, including the camp’s director, resigned last week over tiles that depict a Buddhist swastika and a lotus flower — which decorate a building at the camp.

The camp administration says the tiles were added to the building back in 1929, before Nazi Germany co-opted the symbol.

It says when community members raised concerns about the tiles, the camp held a discussion and ultimately removed them. But, by then, the staff had resigned, leading the camp to cancel all sessions.

In a statement, Hidden Villa said, “Any pain that our current and former staff, especially any staff of color, have felt during their tenure at the organization, deeply saddens us. We are committed to creating an environment where all feel seen, welcome, and heard.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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