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Sonoma County Sheriff's Wife Out on Bail After Crashing Into Home

A Santa Rosa resident is still shaken up after a car driven by the wife of Sonoma County Sheriff Eddie Engram crashed into her living room Friday night.

“It’s vivid. It’s vivid. The impact is vivid, the sound, it’s all there. It’s all there,” said Lorie Johnson.

It happened when she was watching TV.

According to Court records, 47-year-old Natasha Whittinghill was convicted of two DUIs in Sonoma county in 1996. Police say any priors will be a factor in this case.

“How recent each of those DUIs were, the significance of anyone who is injured how many you’ve had so the judges take all of that into consideration. But we have seen in Sonoma County people convicted of felony DUIs going to prison,” said Christopher Mahurin of the Santa Rosa Police Department. 

“The courts need to decide how this is going to go and I will be right there when this all happens. I will be exactly where I need to be and testify,” said Johnson. 

She said it’s a miracle nobody was killed. She’s bruised and sore and has a lot of repairs to do. She hopes the crash is a huge wake up call for the Sheriff’s wife. 

“I hope she gets the help that she needs. I really do because it’s a very serious situation. And thank God she didn’t kill anybody … she could’ve killed herself. I don’t know how she walked out of this,” said Johnson. 

Police say both speed and intoxication appear to be factors. They say it could be a few weeks before blood results come back from the state DOJ lab and insist Whittinghill will be treated just like anyone else.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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