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Security Camera Captures Possibly Armed Man in Shadow Hills Backyard

Images of a possibly armed man skulking around Shadow Hills’ backyards are making the rounds among neighborhood security apps, making residents nervous.

Terri Guereque, a 17-year resident, said she saw a man with a rifle.

“They say he’s really fast,” she said.

The video and still images, captured by surveillance cams, show a thin man carrying what appear to be a variety of weapons.

In one captured on Oct. 24, a handgun appears to be stuffed in his waistband, and a stuffed pack on his back. He glances over his shoulder briefly, notices the camera, then walks away.

“It makes you uncomfortable to think that he’s around here,” Guereque said.

Other posts include unverified accounts of recent break-ins in the hilly neighborhood of winding roads off the 210 Freeway.

Some of those accounts identify weapons the man is carrying as a hunting rifle and, later, an “AR style” assault weapon.

A Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief said investigators have been “working this case for months.” He said they are “close to identifying a suspect,” but welcome any input and camera evidence residents can provide.

Guereque confirmed that police are engaged in trying to find him. She’s seen helicopters and police cars patrolling the streets for weeks.

“And we still haven’t found him,” Guereque said.

Police say that it’s still unknown whether all the break-ins are connected to the man.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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