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‘Scared for My Life': Violent Armed Robbery at Window Tinting Business in Richmond Caught on Camera

A Richmond business owner is speaking out about a violent and terrifying armed robbery caught on camera.

Three armed men rushed into his window tinting shop in the middle of the afternoon Friday, demanding valuables, an attack that left workers traumatized. 

Video shows the men, armed with guns, pull up to Master Tint and rush in, chasing the owner outside where they pushed him to the ground and robbed him, as another worker screamed 

“It was three guns, and when I was on the ground, one of them said he was going to kill me. I actually thought he was but luckily he didn’t,” said worker Marcelo Junior.

Junior said the men were asking for his gold necklace but he didn’t have it on that day. They took his bracelet and wallet instead. 

“I don’t really like to be talking about it because I’m still very scared and I’m not safe no more,” he said.

Daniel Sordine was just coming out of the restroom when the robbers arrived. One of them pointed a gun at his face, so he locked himself in the bathroom and called 911. He says everyone was terrorized.

“I was just scared for my life. I just thought it was going to be it,” he said. “It’s not going to be easy to forget, because sometimes it runs back to moving in your head, and now we come back to work, and sometimes we be traumatized to be by ourselves because we think ‘what if he comes back?’”

Sordine said he and some of his coworkers are now in therapy and he’s returned to work despite being scared. 

“I’m glad nothing bad happened and everybody’s fine. Everything’s OK and they only took material stuff, not our lives, which is the most important thing,” said Sordine.

“We just have to keep working. I’m too scared, but I have to keep working,” said Junior. “I won’t give up.”

The bad guys rummaged through the office briefly and the owner says they stole an iPad. 

He and staff say they don’t feel safe until the men are caught. 

“There’s never going to be an excuse to explain what they did to us, so they deserve to pay time, hopefully they get caught and justice is paid for,” said Sordine.

Police say they are actively investigating the case.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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