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San Francisco shops in APEC security zone say business has been slow

San Francisco restaurants and other small businesses in the APEC security zone hoped for a business bonanza this week, but they were mostly met by the sound of silence.

Some businesses said they lost significant money during the conference. Others chose to shut down for the week.

A Subway restaurant in the area expected a lot of APEC-related business, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

“A lot of workers from Moscone were telling us, ‘We’re going to still work, there’s going to be security guards, so stay open,’” Subway manager Sam Hernandez said. “We’re like, ‘We’ll stay open for you guys,’ but it’s been slow.”

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association said it has contacted the city about some possible compensation for businesses in the security zone but admits nothing is set in stone.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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