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People Flock to Half Moon Bay to Escape the Heat

People across the Bay Area are looking for ways to escape the heat as temperatures reach triple digits in some parts of the region.

Several residents took advantage of Labor Day to flock to Bay Area beaches such as Half Moon Bay to cool off and try and enjoy the sun.

Alvaro and Cia from San Leandro were glad they escaped the heat, even though it wasn’t easy with other visitors crowding into whatever space they could find at the beach.

“It’s really hot. I could not stay home,” Cia told NBC Bay Area. “For me, personally, I get irritated when it’s hot so I wanted to be out and enjoy the sun, you know?”

Alvaro agreed.

“I definitely feel a lot better, healthier in terms of the sun not impacting me as much,” he said.

The town of Half Moon Bay was also a big attraction and a lot of people didn’t seem to care to deal with a beach trip just to get some refuge from home in other areas like San Jose.

“It’s been hot. It was 90 degrees when we headed out about 10 a.m., so we cam to Half Moon Bay to try to escape the heat,” said San Jose resident Maria Rodriguez.

But for Half Moon Bay residents, it was a different story.

“Most locals on days like this, they stay in their homes,” said George DelFierro laughing.

As the heat wave continues, many people told NBC Bay Area they plan to come back to the beach tomorrow with less crowds as Labor Day ends.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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