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Over 70 cats discovered living in filth in Fremont home

Animal services agents are investigating after dozens of cats were discovered in a Fremont home.

During an inspection in September, the agency found 74 cats inside a house on Ballantine Place, including one that had died.  

A lot of the cats were found living in filth, infested with fleas and some had ringworm.

After serving a search warrant, the cats were seized. 

There were so many animals the agency had to bring in a temporary facility to house them.

“I think that’s insane and cruel,” said Terri Meier of Fremont. “I think that whoever this person is, they need to go to jail.”

Animal services said the cat owner left the home for five months and had a friend take care of them.

The agency is still investigating the case and hopes once the cats are treated many of them can be put up for adoption.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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