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New lights illuminate downtown LA's South Park neighborhood

A downtown Los Angeles neighborhood is shining a little brighter after new ambient lights were placed to draw in more visitors.

Just two blocks away from the bustling scene of LA Live, South Park debuted the new lighting in hopes of attracting more patrons, the Business Improvement District said. Over the last few weeks, residents in the area have noticed slight changes on their streets.

“It does feel a lot warmer,” said Marques Brooks, who lives in the area. “I was coming up 11th and I was like, ‘Oh, okay now, that’s something new. I like it.’”

Now, 10,000 feet of new lighting has been placed across blocks that include 11th Street, Hill Street and Pico Boulevard. The idea behind the placement is to inspire commercial success that hasn’t been the same since the pandemic.

“They don’t often come into the neighborhood that LA Live is a part of and these lights are intended to create a pathway into the neighborhood from LA Live,” said Nolan Marshall, the Executive Director of the South Park Business Improvement District.

Although the business district said it doesn’t have any major crime concerns in the area, representatives added that the additional light bulbs will increase safety and security in the neighborhood.

“People think security guards and outfits, lighting, but there are also organic elements like lighting that is a natural deterrent to bad behavior,” said Rick Sarian of the South Park Business Improvement District.

People in the area said the lights have improved the neighborhood’s ambiance. The business improvement district is hoping they create a signature feel that translates to people spending more time and money in South Park.

“We think that just a simple project like lighting important corridors will help people remember what was exciting about downtown,” Marshall said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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