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Livermore Residents Go Out Early Even as Temps Soar

The record-breaking heat across the Bay Area continued into Sunday,
with some inland temperatures over 110 degrees.

A lot of people tried to get chores and other activities done early in the morning before the scorching heat in the afternoon.

Some people found refuge in the cooling center at Livermore
Community Center, which will reopen Monday.

Others found relief in the AC at home, but first got in their
fun and work in the sun before the triple digits arrived.

In Livermore’s community gardens, urban farmers watered their

“I mean, we’re no stranger to heat out here, but it’s a
little hot,” said Alicia Payne of Livermore.

With temperatures already soaring in the morning, the city’s
avid volleyball and tennis enthusiasts felt it, despite their best efforts to
get out early and hydrate often.

“We definitely bring lots of water, we don’t overexert
ourselves for too many shots,” said Paul Hendrickson of Livermore. “We know to
tone it down.”

As the temperature approached 100 degrees just after noon, people
enjoyed the farmer’s market and outdoor dining, while a handful of people found
refuge from the heat at the city’s emergency cooling center.

At the cooling center, COVID-19 safety signs reminded
visitors to stay safe.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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