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LAFD flags 23 freeway underpasses as fire hazards

LAFD Fire Inspectors visited 50 sites similar to the underpass where the 10 Freeway caught on fire.

Of these 50 sites, the fire inspectors determined 23 of them to violate the Health and Safety Code regarding hazardous materials.

Violations include possession of 55 gallons of a liquid, 200 cubic feet of a gas or 500 pounds of a solid. Improper storage and use of hazardous materials is also determined to be a violation of the Health and Safety Code.

Owners were given a Notice of Violation and have 30 days to correct the sites that did not meet safety standards.

The 23 locations flagged by the LAFD

• 1320 Wilson Street
• 2425 Enterprise Street
• 1310 Elwood Street
• Southwest Corner of Lemon Street and Enterprise Street
• 2200 Enterprise Street and Lemon Street
• 2216 Enterprise Street
• 954 W Washington Boulevard
• 16th Street and Trinity Street
• 16th Street and Wall Street
• 17th Street and Grand Avenue
• 954 W. Washington Boulevard
• 1628 S. Central Avenue #A
• 1630 S. Central Avenue
• 1468 E. 17th Street
• 1501 E. 17th Street
• 1651 Naomi Avenue
• 1100 E. 16th Street
• 1630 S. Central Ave
• Under the 101/134/170 FWY interchange cross of Tujunga Avenue
• 405 Freeway x 110 Freeway
• 110 Freeway x Channel Steet
• Pacific Coast Highway (lower) x Alameda Street
• 110 Freeway x 105 Freeway

LAFD Chief Kristin Crowley says the 23 properties in violation have been referred to the Office of the State Fire Marshal for further attention.

“While the State has the fire inspection responsibilities for State-owned land, LAFD is committed to working collaboratively with the State Fire Marshal to ensure public safety in Los Angeles,” said Fire Chief Crowley.

Map of flagged fire hazard sites

LA Mayor Karen Bass thanked Fire Chief Crowley for coordinating the effort and “reducing the future risk of a similar incident.”

The 10 Freeway reopened on Nov. 19 after a fire started in an underpass near Alameda Street had it shut down.

Drivers faced more than a week of detours in the area that led to delays on nearby freeways and streets as crews worked around the clock to reopen the lanes.

“As I said two weekends ago, the reason the 10 Freeway was safe and drivable for commuters this month, as opposed to next month, was the brave actions of our firefighters the night of the fire. Now, we must continue our work to keep Angelenos safe,” said Mayor Bass.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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