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‘I'm Starting All Over Again': Castro Valley Man Loses Everything to New Year's Eve Storm

A Castro Valley man said he lost literally everything to a wall of water on New Year’s Eve.

Don Martin was able to go back to his apartment Monday and understand how much he lost to flood waters weeks ago.

“About 3 feet of water started coming in. I went up and got the cat carrier from the car,” he said.

When he returned to get his cat, it was almost too late.

“There was about 5 feet of water, I almost couldn’t get back in,” he said. “My roommate barely got out. She got out through a window with her dog. That’s the last time we’ve been in there.”

Martin did not have renters insurance and said he was already having a tough enough time making rent and paying his bills.

“At least $25,000 in baseball cards and hot wheels collection and everything I had,” he said. “Clothes, car keys, my phone, everything! I’m starting all over again.”

For now, Martin said he’ll continue living nearby with friends. He also hopes to get a job soon. One thing he hasn’t lost is hope.

“I got to go on and put this behind me,” he said. “Maybe get something to help me move forward. I can’t just quit.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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