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How Do Teachers Explain Capitol Riot to Students?

Jan. 6, 2020 is already being dubbed “a day that will live in infamy,” but while some consider it an attack bordering on treason, others see it differently. And as the attack on the Capitol officially takes its place in the history book, the question becomes how do you handle this in a classroom?

“Think my years as an educator allowed me to come with a lesson pretty quickly. This is what happened, this is what I need for them to understand,” said Michael Rosenberg.

What unfolded in the nation’s Capitol Wednesday became the topic as students logged on for his leadership class and pre-law class at Balboa High.  

“I brought in Trump speech, Biden speech, Pence speaking and then images and trying to stay as objective as I can,” he said.

Like most Americans, his students watched the whole thing play out on T.V. and social media, and like most of us, they have plenty of questions. 

“One of my students commented how they heck were they even allowed to get in and disrespect the building, students are wise to this,” said Rosenberg.

Others commented on what they saw as a different police response compared with demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. There were discussions about the 25th Amendment and a consensus that for everyone, this has been a challenging time in American history.

“They can’t sit long enough, to sit long enough to reflect upon what has just happened to have a deeper understanding before the next things happens,” said Rosenberg.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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