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Half Moon Bay Community Joins in Prayer, Call to Action After Mass Shooting

The Half Moon Bay community gathered Tuesday for a night of prayer for the dead and a call to action for the living. 

The memorial service at Coastside Lutheran Church included ministers of many faiths, all bringing a message of healing and change. 

Within the 150 people gathered to remember the seven people shot and killed Monday was also a call for action for a renewed effort to stop gun violence.

“How long must I bear pain in my soul? And have sorrow in my heart all day long?” said a woman in attendance. 

At the interfaith prayer and lament, a call for healing for all of those affected, including the shooter himself.

“For the perpetrator that he may somehow move from his inner turmoil, and come to know the ways of peace and compassion,” said another woman. 

A bell rang out for each of the seven who died, and for all victims of gun violence.

But there was also a specific call for action.

“Our biggest problem in this country right now is gun violence,” said Rabbi Moshe Hyne, Coastside Jewish Community Rabbi. “And while there are many other issues, that one that really deserves our attention and requires our voices to speak up to put pressure on elected officials,”

Over on Main Street, business owners know the people impacted emotionally and financially by the tragedy.

“We have families who work on the farm, and their second job is washing dishes right here so my heart goes out to all the families,” said Tommy Guerrero of San Benito Bar and Restaurant.

“Today is not like normal regular Half Moon Bay day. Today is very different one,” said Oktay Sahin of Ciya Restaurant.

A shock to a community that has now  been asked to do more than pray for change.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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