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Flooding Aftermath: North Bay Residents Share Their Experiences After Tsunami Advisory

Residents in the North Bay said they were startled by the power of the water in the Bay Area from the tsunami Saturday.

In Tiburon, a dock pulled away from an apartment.

Though the advisory was cancelled, caution was still advised at coast.

Tiburon residents said they are grateful that they have a waterfront apartment unit and kept their eyes on the wild conditions Saturday morning.

“We could see the water was coming in with a lot more force that we have ever seen before,” said Meenakshi Vedantham.

They were concerned about potential danger from the tsunami advisory in the Bay Area because of the massive volcano that erupted near Tonga.

Then they learned a dock by a neighbor’s unit had come off.

“We saw it this morning when the actually pulled it and they were bringing it back which was quite an effort three people to corral it,” Vedantham said.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a photo yesterday of dock damage in the Richardson Bay Area and advised avoiding travel to coastal areas to observe surges.

Heather Belfor told NBC Bay Area that she stayed inside Saturday and noticed differences even on Sunday.

“It’s definitely higher than it is usually you can see piles of mud that go pretty far out this time of year,” Belfor said.

Another a neighbor shared this video of the water flowing on a trail Saturday.

It’s an experience people here won’t forget.

“We were constantly looking in at the water it would come in and go out come in and go out so but after it a point in started receding and did come in,” said Vedantham said.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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