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Encampment at Sunnyvale Park Cleared Out

Crews cleared out an encampment Tuesday at a Sunnyvale park after the city gave a seven-day warning.

Advocates are now wondering what will happen to the unhoused people who were living at the encampment, especially as more cold and rainy weather is expected to hit the Bay Area.

Neighbors, for the most part, said the people who were living at the Lakewood Park encampment did not cause many problems. Up to nine people were staying at the location over the past few months and took up several picnic tables.

“I was advocating for it to be taken away,” neighbor Veronica Carter said. “But now that I see it put away makes me kind of feel for the people who live there and what they’re going to do.”

The city in a statement said cleanup coordinators have visited the site 51 times since June and offered bus passes, housing, mental health and medical referrals. The city said the park cleanup was necessary to ensure the facility is maintained and available for use.

Those evicted on Tuesday were offered temporary shelter and other services, but most declined.

An unhoused woman who was staying at the encampment said she plans to be staying a hotel, but it was unclear for how long.

“These are your unhoused people,” said Shaunn Cartwright with the Unhoused Response Group. “These are people that live and die in Sunnyvale. But everyone is just trying to do the whole ‘It’s not my problem.’ It’s very much your problem.”

An eviction sign at the encampment said those staying could be breaking the law.

Advocates for those whose camp got cleared said they are less concerned about laws and more concerned about what happens to those displaced as the weather gets even wetter and colder.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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