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Bus-sized concrete block washes ashore in Long Beach

Weeks after storms drenched Long Beach, a large piece of debris the size of a school bus washed ashore in Junipero Beach.

“I just kind of saw it, but I couldn’t tell what it was,” said Jacqueline Lopez, who walked by the debris Monday. “I could not distinguish what it was.”

The concrete slab, more than 6 feet high and 30 feet long, was moved next to the Long Beach Marine Department maintenance yard near Belmont Pier a week after it washed onto the sand.

“It’s really big. I would say it’s probably bigger than a bus. I never seen anything like this in Long Beach,” said Lopez.

Long Beach crews have traced its origins to the Hotel Maya. They believe it was part of a dry dock that broke off during a storm on Feb. 1.

A large chunk of concrete sits near Belmont Pier a week after washing up in Junipero Beach. (Photo by Mekahlo Medina/NBCLA)

Hotel Maya sits in the estuary, the area where the LA River meets the ocean and storm runoff was surging through the area damaging the dock and flooding parts of the hotel

The hotel has not responded for comment, but workers said they thought the floating dock sank after it broke off.

“We saw it yesterday and we wondered how did a dry dock washed up the shore on our beach,” said Long Beach resident Sherry Marquez. “We are used to trash and debris washing onto the beach, but having a float dock wash up was quite a surprise.”

Marine crews say the dock was built to float and that’s exactly what it did after it broke free. They estimate it floated for at least two weeks before washing ashore.

Maintenance crews say they will work to break down the concrete and haul the debris to a local dump, but the process could take at least two weeks.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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