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Are Areas of CZU Fire Burn Scars Safe During Storms?

Concern grows in parts of the South Bay and Santa Cruz Mountains after rain drenched fire zones and scorched hillsides.

People living in southern San Mateo County and several Santa Cruz Mountains communities are at risk of mudslides due to burn scars left by the CZU Fire during the summer of 2020.

However, experts have been doing work in the area to prevent further damage, and are pretty positive about the outlook.

“It does seem like the mountain is holding up pretty well,” said Joe Digirolamo, Camp Krem facilities manager. He visited the area to see how the soil was holding up in the storm.

“We’ve been putting down waddles and other erosion control measures,” he explained.

Bob Pilgreen of Travis Tree Professionals, which has been removing burnt trees from the CZU Fire zone agrees.

“Right now we cut 500 trees right here in the backdrop,” he said. “Everything that was burnt is growing again 6 to 8 feet tall in the last two years, so it’s coming back really well. We lucked out on that.”

Robert Handa has more.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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