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2 dogs rescued from 110 Freeway in Harbor Gateway

Two dogs are now safe thanks to the California Highway Patrol after the pooches were likely abandoned on the 110 Freeway in Harbor Gateway.

CHP said it received calls shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday of dogs left on the northbound lanes of the freeway near the Rosecrans Avenue off-ramp, according to the agency. Officers responded to the scene and stopped traffic to corral two dogs on the freeway.

The agency said it had no problem in getting a pit bull into a police cruiser. A pug, however, was described as aggressive and a snare was used in order to get it out from underneath the cruiser.

After successfully getting the two dogs into their vehicle, CHP officers took them to the San Pedro Animal Shelter. The pit bull was then transferred to Downey Animal Care Center since it was microchipped.

“We are pleased to report that both dogs are healthy and uninjured,” LA Animal Services said in a statement. “Our team is providing them with the necessary care and comfort.”

Initially, there were several drivers stopped on the freeway trying to get the dogs themselves before officers arrived. Although the agency understands those drivers had good intentions, it urged the public to refrain from doing so if a similar situation arises.

“Everyone’s first instinct when you see a dog is people want to help but unfortunately, the freeway is a very dangerous place,” said Alec Pereyda of the CHP. “We urge the public – if you do run into a situation like this, just be a good witness. Note-take where you saw the dogs, what direction, what freeway you’re on. You can relay to 911 so CHP officers know what’s going on.”

The investigation is ongoing. A description of the vehicle that dumped the dogs on the freeway was not available.

Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to contact the CHP South LA Office at 424-551-4000.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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