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Document Messenger and Copy Center Services

Civil Court
JNS Copy Services Civil Courts division service the Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County District Courts. We obtain documents from Civil, Criminal and magistrate files within the District Courts. Docket Sheets, Transcripts, Complaints, answers and many more documents are obtainable.

Cost of services: Civil Court
Initial Search   (receipt of request and initial processing)
(non-refundable) $25.00
Standard Copies   .25-for Los Angeles and Orange County
.75 for Riverside County
Certified Copies   1.00 per page if under 50 pages
.85 per page 51+
Certification fee 15.00 per cert
Shipping/Handling fee   7.50 plus postage or your Fed-ex account number
Rush   $20.00 per document
Transcript Service   $35.00 plus $5.00 per page
Faxing   $2.00 per page
$1.00 per page if over 100 pages

Bankruptcy Courts
Courts in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, San Fernando Valley and Santa Barbara are serviced "in house" by JNS Copy Services, Inc. Docket Sheets, Filing petitions, Claims, Creditor lists, Adversaries, Forms and more are available. Please call directly to the location you are interested in from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Cost of services: Bankruptcy Courts
Please call directly to the location you are interested in from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Los Angeles
Santa Ana
San Fernando
Santa Barbara
Costs vary per office



Archive Files- Rapid Retrieval
If you find you are in need of files that are archived ( case closed for 6 or more months) form courts in Southern California, Southern Nevada and Western Arizona, Rapid Retrieval, a division of JNS Copy Services Inc., can obtain these documents faster than any other company, GUARANTEED or we will refund your initial search fee. Documents from Federal Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy files are obtainable for up to 20 years from initial filing date.

Costs of services:
Initial Search   (non-refundable) $50.00 for 5-7 working days
$100.00 for 3-5 working days
$500.00 for 72 hours or less includes copies up to 100 pages
Standard Copies   $1.00 per page 5-7 work days
$2.00 per page 3-5 work days
$2.00 per page if over 100 pages
For 72 hours or less
Faxing Services   $1.00 per page 5-7 work days
$2.00 per page 3-5 work days
$2.00 per page if over 50 pages for 72 hours or less
Certified Copies   Add $.25 per page
Certification Fee   $20.00 each certification
Shipping/Handling fee   $7.50 plus postage or your Fed-X number
Hourly (after first hour)   $25.00 per 15 minutes

Superior Court
JNS is now offering Superior Court document retrieval services for Downtown Los Angeles and Downtown Santa Ana ONLY. We can obtain copies of initial complaints, briefs, motions, minutes and more.

Costs of Services: Superior Court
Initial Search Fee   (non-refundable) $35.00
Hourly (after 1st hour)   $25.00 per 15 minutes
Standard Copying   $1.00 per page
Rush Fee   $25.00 per document
Faxing   $2.00 per page
Shipping/Handling Fee   $15.00 plus postage or your Fed-x number

Court Filing services
Fax and file with JNS Copy Service, Inc. For federal civil, bankruptcy and state court. Please call for more information and time deadlines.

Costs of services: Court Filing services
Service Charge   $35.00 per filing
Incoming Fax   $1.00 per page
Blueback   $1.50 each
Copies   $.25 per page
Fax of conform copy   (first page only) FREE
Faxing   $2.00 per page
Courtesy Copy to Judge Delivery   $10.00 per filing
Shipping/Handling   $7.50 plus postage or your fed-x number

General Photocopy Services

JNS Copy Service, Inc. Professional Litigation Support Services Division is available 24 hours a day everyday of the year. Understanding that attorneys and corporations have stringent deadlines, JNS offers litigation services to assist in everyday projects or special circumstances and are available to adjust to your schedule, offering solutions and answers to your requests. JNS litigation Division offers facilities management (temporary or full scale) facsimile and mailroom management in house hospitality services and off site document production and photocopy service facilities.

Basic Black and White Photocopying
Color Copying- Standard and oversize
Exhibit Boards
Trial Prep
Bates Labeling
Facsimile Service
Mass Mailing Services
Federal Fling Services
Court/Trial "war rooms"

Please contact one of our account executives for more information.



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