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Help the public retrieve, copy and take possession of materials within the archive in a fast, efficient and cost effective manor.

To those unfamiliar with the Southern California Federal Archive and the records retrieval process, we say let us help you!

You don't have time to figure out the system and how to gain access, schedule an appointment, make your request, and fully execute the retrieval function successfully. One simple mistake can cost you days!

Rapid Retrieval Will:

  • Take your request online
  • Fast-Line the request having your docs prepared
  • Notify a Rapid Retrieval Runner (RRR)™
  • Make copies and OVERNIGHT documents to the customer

In California when records retire from their place at their respective county stores, they are off loaded to the archive facility in Laguna Niguel, CA. Within the walls of this compound lies records on just about every criminal, civil and local federal case in Southern California, part of Arizona and parts of Nevada.


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